Hum Farm

Alpacas are native to South America. They are part of the family known as camelids. There are not to be confused with llamas, which are bigger and taller. There are two types of alpacas - Huacayas (fluffy) and Suris (longer haired). Alpacas are timid but will spit when threatened or to show others who's boss. They are herd animals who love spending time together. They need a haircut in the summer to live in our climate. There is no harm to the alpaca in the process. They then grow a thick warm coat to get to shield them from the elements. Alpacas love to eat grass but also love their grain. Some like to eat small apples!
Their fiber offers superior luxury. It features unsurpassed comfort and warmth. Unlike wool products, it does not contain lanolin which causes that prickly sensation (perfect for those with sensitive skin). It comes in 22 natural colors which allows versatility without the use of dyes. It is lightweight and both water and stain resistant. Additionally, it is both strong and durable.